Advising Your Clients

Concerned about taxes

“I want to sell appreciated property, but I’m concerned about capital gains taxes. How can I eliminate or reduce my taxes?”

Giving all or part of the asset to charity will eliminate or reduce capital gains taxes, will create a tax deduction, could continue or begin to provide lifelong income and will provide satisfaction about supporting a favorite charity.

Desires to avoid an immediate capital gain tax and relieve burdens of ownership

“I manage a rental unit that provides needed income, but it’s too much work. What do you advise?”

Using the rental property to fund a charitable remainder trust will secure lifetime income (perhaps more than from the rental property), relieve the burdens of ownership, eliminate the capital gains tax, create a sizeable tax deduction and ultimately support a favorite charity.

Wishes to leave a legacy

“I have no children, and it’s time to write a will.”

How does your client want to be remembered? You can suggest a charitable fund at the Foundation as a way to support the causes they are passionate about in perpetuity.

Concerned about retirement plan assets

“I have a large retirement fund, but I’m worried that my children will receive only 20 or 30 cents on the dollar.”

Using a retirement fund to create an endowment will reduce estate tax, eliminate income tax on the IRA distribution, and create a family legacy. Other assets can be used for gifts to family members.

Wants to help a specific individual

“I have a longtime employee (or friend, sibling, or parent) I’d like to help.”

A life-income gift, such as a charitable gift annuity, will assure the friend or family member a lifetime income—and allow your client a tax deduction and support of a favorite charity at that person’s death.

Wants to be charitable, but is unsure where to give

“I’ll be receiving additional income this year. I’d like to give some to charity, but I’m not sure which one.”

A donor-advised fund will earn a tax deduction for the current year and allow time to choose a charity. With expertise on the nonprofit community, Foundation staff can connect donors with organizations in their areas of interest and provide opportunities for donors to co-fund projects with the Foundation.