Fiduciary Role

Led by a group of local volunteers who are financial experts, the Foundation manages an investment program that provides prudent stewardship of the contributions. We have engaged Quincy Brown, a consultant with Fund Evaluation Group, to work with our staff and the Investment Committee. He provides education, financial reporting, manager selection and due diligence to the committee member to enable them to make decisions that are in the best interest of the Foundation.

Working in concert with our investment-consulting firm, we manage risk and return on the endowment and allocate the charitable assets to different types of investment strategies under a long-term asset allocation model.

The measure of our overall investment performance is whether long-term returns are sufficient to both protect our assets against inflation and produce a consistent stream of charitable revenue to the communities we serve.

In addition to benchmarking the endowment’s performance against market-driven indices, we compare our performance against community foundation peers. Over the past seven years, the Foundation has consistently ranked among the top of its peer group.