About The Coleman County Foundation

The Coleman County Foundation was established in 1999 as a vehicle for Coleman County Philanthropy. Current assets of the Foundation are $2.1 million, and the earnings from these assets are used for grants across the County – educational, civic, social welfare and any cause that improves the quality of life of the residents of Coleman County.

The Coleman County Foundation is a very useful vehicle for personal giving. As you make plans for the distribution of your estate at your death, you now can set aside funds to be given to Coleman County, in any way you desire.

You may also decide to use the Foundation while you are living to make memorial gifts, gifts to honor your family or other special folks, or to set aside funds for later charitable giving, while receiving an immediate tax deduction.

Policies and decisions for the endowment are made by a Board of seven Coleman County residents, while the administration is handled by an arrangement with the Community Foundation of Abilene, a permanent endowment of over $100 million, with endowment funds designated for diverse purposes across the region.

Board Members

The Coleman County Foundation is governed by a nine member board composed of civic and business leaders.
Trustees serve for a maximum of two three-year terms.

2018 Coleman County Foundation Board of Directors

Sarah Beal, Board Chair
Kay Allen
Joan Ethridge
Caroline Skelton
Sue Sloan
Adam Stevenson
David Stewart
Randy Turner
Clay Vogel